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Crew Member


£5.28 - £10.42 per hour

Job Type

Full Time



Closing Date

19 April 2024

Reference ID


Company Description 

This local business makes Neapolitan Authentic Pizzas and is looking to recruit new crew members.

Crew Members perform essential duties in many different areas within the restaurant, including the cash register area, dessert station, dressing station, cutting and packing station, prep area, and provide friendly, fast and accurate service in order to ensure an excellent customer experience.

We are looking for 2 people for 16 hours per week. Shift patterns are one week: Friday 4-9, Saturday 4-9, Sunday 3-9 second week Friday 11-4, Saturday 11-5, Sunday 11-4.

Main duties & responsibilities 

  • Excels in performing essentials tasks including runner/frontline coordinator, order taker/attending customer, managing dessert station, packing orders, serving drinks and food.

  • Maintains friendly, fast and accurate service, ensures an excellent customer experience, and makes sure all products are consistent with company standards.

  • Ensures the restaurant is up to company standards with regards to cleanliness, neatness, and customer accessibility.

  • Works as a team player to support other employees in completing their tasks.

  • Completes all other duties.

Essential criteria

Excellent communication skills.

Desirable criteria

Be able to work under pressure

If you are a registered client with Routes To Work, please contact your caseworker to apply. If you are not a registered client, please contact us to check you are eligible for this opportunity.

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