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Complaints Policy

Making a Complaint

Routes to Work Limited accept complaints from clients, employers, partner agencies or anyone interacting with any of our services. Complaints can be made in writing to the Depute Chief Executive by completing the Comments, Complaints, Suggestions form. Alternatively, we will accept complaints by letter, e-mail, or completing the survey link below.

Submit Your Complaint

Please take a moment to fill out the form and we will deal with your query as soon as we can.

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The complainant will receive written confirmation of receipt of their complaint within 7 days. The Depute Chief Executive will delegate responsibility for investigating the complaint and will outline when the complainant can expect a response, normally within 14 days. Any action we take or changes we make as a result of the complaint will be communicated to the complainant. Should further investigation be necessary, the complainant will receive regular updates. All information received will be treated confidentially unless otherwise agreed with the complainant. The complainant will be informed in writing of the outcome. If they do not accept the outcome, they may ask for an appeal. The appeal must be submitted in writing, no later than seven calendar days’ following receipt of the outcome.

Appeals Procedure

Appeal Stage

If the complainant does not accept the outcome, they may take their complaint to the Chief Executive who will review the decision and may wish to interview the complainant and the staff involved in the earlier stages. The appeal will normally take no longer than 14 days. On completion of the appeal stage, the complainant will receive a decision from the Chief Executive in writing, within 14 days.
This stage is the final stage of the Company’ Complaints Procedure and the decision is final.

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