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Our Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values

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Routes To Work exists to help North Lanarkshire’s residents achieve their aims in life by providing sector-leading skills and employability support. In doing so, we contribute to improving the economy of North Lanarkshire, to reducing poverty and to creating a society where everyone has a good quality of life.

Our Purpose

We tailor our support to each individual, helping them recognise and develop their unique capabilities. We support our clients in whatever way they need – skills, information, help to access financial services, health & wellbeing, support networks – to make sure they achieve success in work and life.

Our Mission

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An organisation that North Lanarkshire can be proud of, valued by local people and businesses, and respected nationally for the scope, quality, and effectiveness of its services, and for continued innovation in skills and employability support.

Our Vision

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Always Learning

Whether from each other as colleagues, from clients, or from our partners, and we make sure that we apply that learning to bold new ideas and to improving services (so they are not only different but better) and to sharing this with others who share our aims and values.


Committed To Our Clients

We deliver our own services, and collaborate with others, to do the very best for the people we work with; their interests are always at the forefront of our minds

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Building Capacity

We work with people, raising their aspirations and helping them develop the skills and knowledge that will have a lasting impact throughout their lives.


Working Together

We work closely with organisations with similar aims, and with the business community, working to develop and deliver services in the most integrated way, maximising the value of our collective efforts. ​

Staff At The Heart

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Welcoming To Everyone

Our staff make sure that everyone is included, and we ensure that everyone we work with can access our services in a suitable environment and in whatever way suits them best.

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Aim To Be The Best

We take a proven, planned, and structured approach to making sure people get the support they need, supported by skilled, caring and committed staff, and by robustly measuring the outcomes that we deliver. ​

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