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The immense sense of pride at the impact we have in the North Lanarkshire community is felt strongly by all staff and stakeholders at Routes To Work.


While last year we were transforming lives at a time of change, this year has been about building confidence and finding a way through the challenges of Brexit, the cost of living crisis and the continued journey out of Covid.


Using our Routes To Change approach, we have been getting out into the heart of villages and towns in North Lanarkshire.


As you will see in this report, Routes To Work staff have helped people out of isolation, given them hope, a fresh perspective and started them on a route to change.

Whether it’s moving towards a job, into a job or even keeping a job; Routes To Work’s vital work and support has been driven by our new model which was created to reflect the changing environment.

Annual Report

We aim to understand and support clients’ needs, whether that be health, wellbeing and financial assistance or support with skills, a network and confidence-building, and you will see powerful examples of these life-changing impacts at play throughout this report.


From Gary Swan’s recovery from a brain injury and Donna McCaul’s journey of self-improvement to Estelle Davidson’s progress with her mental health and the support Melissa Hanney received from Prospects for Parents, our annual report 2022/23 is full of inspiring stories.


While the breadth of the work we do increases, with support being provided in more ways than finding people employment, our aim remains to take further steps to build a more confident North Lanarkshire.

We've supported over 22,000 people

In the 20 years since Routes To Work was established, it has transformed the lives of 20,000 residents, which is a remarkable achievement.

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Service User Involvement Feedback

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clients assisted into employment

Key Highlights

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With over 1,000 people assisted into work and many more positively influenced, it’s been another successful year and everyone at Routes To Work, together with our partners, should be applauded for their work, particularly with it all set against a challenging backdrop.

John McDougall

Chairman, Routes To Work

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