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Despite the new pressures put on clients, staff and the business because of the cost of living crisis and the continued challenges of the Covid pandemic, we have, with the immense support of our staff, had some huge successes in 2022/23:

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Assisted a total of 1,028 clients into employment across our portfolio of activities, which takes our 20-year total to 22,010 clients supported into work.

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Provided 3,470 unemployed residents with "work of value" support, this being defined as a minimum of three separate interventions beyond initial contact/registration. This figure represents an increase of 5.5% from last year and 8% from the last pre-Covid year of 2019/20.


Maintained our dedicated in-work support offer to clients across our programme portfolio, which saw us maintaining our 26-week job sustainability rates at 75%, with particularly high rates of 77% and 80% achieved in our targeted No One Left Behind and Scottish Youth Guarantee projects, respectively.

In 2022, we started our LGBTQ+ Charter journey, in an effort to reduce inequalities faced by individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ and provide a safe space to talk. We have an agreed action plan working towards charter status, our staff completed training provided by LGBT Youth Scotland and in June we demonstrated our support by taking part in the Glasgow Pride March and attending North Lanarkshire Pride. Our formal charter assessment is due in early 2023/24.

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Supported the Ukrainian Resettlement Project across North Lanarkshire, offering guidance and assistance to individuals who have been displaced by the conflict. Working closely with key partners, our work within the project involved attending welcome hubs to provide an overview of our services, including translation services for those who required them, supporting with the transfer of Ukrainian qualifications to UK/Scottish equivalent, providing access to funding for childcare and relevant training opportunities, and enabling a successful transition into employment for 61 of the 150 Ukrainian clients registered.

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In February 2023, we launched our new, refreshed website to create a more engaging experience for our clients, partners, staff and stakeholders alike. This development came through the employment of a dedicated Digital Marketing Assistant, who also helped progress the development of our social media and wider marketing & promotional ambitions.


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