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Routes to Change

In 2022/23, we were delighted to roll out our new Routes To Change progression tool - designed to help clients find the support they need as efficiently as possible.

The Routes To Change Tool is made up of five stages and mirrors the employability pipeline that the Scottish Government uses. It allows us to effectively progress clients through each stage of their journey.

Every client’s experience with our service should differ and their journey will, too.


Each of the stages below has set indicators which allow the case worker and the client to easily identify what stage they are at and what needs to be done in order to progress them closer to sustainable employment.

Understanding you

RTW_Web assets_Understanding you.png


Long-term health conditions

Mental health

Physical disability




Routine and structure



Social interaction

Sleep patterns


Social skills

Coping strategies

Housing & homelessness




Awareness of in-work benefits

Salary expectations

Support network

Support network

Family and friends

External service environment


Caring responsibilities

Criminal convictions





Literacy and numeracy

Personal development

Goals setting

Confidence &


Motivation to achieve goals

Confidence in abilities

Awareness of transferrable skills

Stage 1

Referral, engagement, assessment tool, action plan

Reaching out to individuals, supporting people into regular activity and positive routines, helping them to connect with others and build on their experiences.

Stage 2

Breaking down barriers and building on strengths

Assessing the initial needs of our clients and agreeing key activities to be undertaken with them in order to address any barriers to employment or training.

Stage 3

Vocational activity & upskilling, 1:1 & group

Delivering a range of accredited training, employability training for core skills, job search advice and activities to raise awareness of enterprise and entrepreneurship in order to meet the needs of individuals.

Stage 4

Employer engagement, job matching and getting ready for work

Arranging work/volunteer placements with employers, assisting individuals to secure work and matching job-ready clients to jobs.

Stage 5

In-work support, aftercare & career progression

Supporting clients to sustain and progress within the workplace.

Routes To Change Road.png
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