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Service User Involvement (SUI) Feedback

There was an extremely positive response from our clients to the services we delivered in 2022/23.


The North Lanarkshire residents we serve were delighted with the outcomes they received after getting in touch with Routes To Work as 

over 1,000 

people moved into employment.

ERSA Employability Day Event3.jpg

The following figures were the standout results:

RTW_Web assets_icons_heart.png


Felt our staff were welcoming 

RTW_Web assets-11.png


Felt our staff were caring

RTW_Web assets-12.png


Felt our staff were responsive (i.e. listened and followed up)

RTW_Web assets-13.png

Felt our staff were professional


RTW_Web assets-14.png

Felt Routes To Work staff understood their needs well enough to support them


RTW_Web assets-15.png


Felt Routes To Work were trying to help them

Our clients were glowing in their praise when we asked them for their thoughts on their experience with Routes To Work.


One client commented: “Happy with the service. I was worried my age would hold me back, but the staff were great and made me feel I still had some worth.”


Another was impressed by what we could offer them, saying: “Services are top notch. Just continue to do what you are doing.”


The support clients felt from our team was clear, with one individual extremely appreciative of the assistance provided.

They said: “The staff were great and really helped me when I couldn’t help myself.”


Another client commented on the diligence of our staff, feeling that they were kept abreast of any developments in the labour market.


They commented: “Staff were very helpful and friendly, explaining any questions I asked very clearly knowing what is required to help with any new jobs coming onto the jobs market.”


Generally, though, our clients mainly commented on the genuine approach taken by our staff in assisting them, with one saying: “They are very kind and always there if I need help or have any questions.”

Staff Feedback

We have carried out a staff survey since 2013 and back then, some 10 years ago, we drafted our questions in line with ACAS guidelines. There were a few modifications over the years to continuously improve the quality of the information collected, including adding a health and wellbeing section from 2020 to help us understand the impact of Covid on our people.

When we were creating our 2021-2024 Business Plan, we looked at what we wanted to aspire to for our people and began to research the principles of Fair Work. The five dimensions of Fair Work were fully aligned with our Mission, Purpose, Vision and Values, and the board’s objective to be a fair work employer.

The five dimensions of Fair Work are:


Effective voice


For individuals, the opportunity to have an effective voice is crucially important. Having a say at work is consistent with the broader suite of rights available to citizens in democratic societies.

Each dimension ensures the balance of rights & responsibilities of employers and workers. They also generate benefits for individuals, originations and society, which also connects with our work on social value. Therefore, we were driven to shape our 2022 staff survey based upon how well we were meeting the five dimensions of Fair Work.

Here are some of the standout results:

RTW_Web assets-17.png

Agree or strongly agree that they are proud of Routes To Work and committed to its success


RTW_Web assets-18.png

Agree or strongly agree that Routes To Work seeks the views of employees


RTW_Web assets-19.png

Agree or strongly agree that their targets are realistic and achievable


RTW_Web assets-20.png

Agree or strongly agree that they receive they receive the training and information needed to do their job well


RTW_Web assets-21.png

Agree or strongly agree that they have sufficient leave each year 


RTW_Web assets-23.png

Agree or strongly agree that their job offers good opportunities to develop their skills


One team member said: “I am proud of the support Routes To Work offers clients.”


On a more personal note, another said: "The senior management team is constantly an amazing and unconditional support both professionally and with personal wellbeing.”


Another one of our valued staff said: “At Routes To Work every day is different, and no two days are the same.


“It’s a rewarding job being able to make a difference and support people in North Lanarkshire.”


For one team member, seeing the difference they can make to clients’ lives makes it all worthwhile.


They said: “I really enjoy my job at Routes To Work. For me, it’s not just an office job.


“Our clients are from diverse backgrounds, and I enjoy the feeling that you are helping the clients and giving them support.


“The amazing turnaround in some of the client’s lives gives a great deal of job satisfaction.”

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