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50+ Jobs Fayre

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Routes to Work and North Lanarkshire Working were delighted to initiate the first 50+, wellbeing, employability and community support event in the Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex in Bellshill last week.

It was a great opportunity for residents of North Lanarkshire to network, learn about support services in their local area and search for vacancies.   

Around 150 people attended and the feedback was extremely positive from clients, partners and employers alike. 

Many attendees were delighted to hear about all of the services on offer and will take advantage of these services to gain support and assistance in moving towards employment.

Client Feedback

  1. “Overall, the range and diversity of information was really good”

  2. “I feel the day was very informative from all participants. I found it hugely rewarding and I now feel I have good information moving forward in my quest for employment”

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