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Unlocking Potential: Reflecting on the Success of Motherwell Jobs Fair

The Motherwell Jobs Fair held recently was nothing short of a resounding success. With glowing feedback from employers and clients alike, it was clear that we had made a real difference in the lives of locals seeking employment opportunities.

The Motherwell Jobs Fair, held on February 16th, provided valuable opportunities for local residents to connect with employers and explore potential job openings. Our dedicated teams worked tirelessly to organise this event, creating a safe space for networking and support. We take immense pride in the enthusiasm and commitment of our Routes to Work team, who played a crucial role in making this fair a success.


Thirteen interactive tables were set up at the fair for employers to showcase their job vacancies, partner organisations to support individuals in their job search, and our team to assist anyone in need with their CVs and registration with Routes To Work.

The employers who participated in the Jobs Fair, including NHS, Lidl, Tivoli, Turning Point Scotland, McQueens Dairies, Apex Traffic Management, Search, Elite Clean Team, HRM Home Care, Pure Gym, and Smart Works. We are grateful for their support in empowering our local community.


Thanks to our incredible efforts, around 200 clients attended the event, with 22 new referrals and counting – an astonishing achievement.

The fair resulted in an even more remarkable outcome, as it facilitated connections between employers and job seekers, leading to high levels of engagement. Lidl, one of the participating companies, reported that they had set up 16 interviews and 6 job starts as a direct result of the event. Interestingly, one of the attendees who had previously been rejected was encouraged to reapply at the fair and has now been given a start date.

Multiple other interviews have taken place. Sign-ups for temp work and the NHS have noted a significant increase in volunteer registrations after the event. Numbers are still coming in, so we expect to continue receiving good news from employers and clients in the aftermath of this event.

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