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BOOST Your Wellbeing: RTW Mental Health and Wellbeing Event

Follow the story of Routes To Work clients reaching out for a better future, gaining confidence, finding motivation and setting goals.

BOOST event participants with the RTW staff

We recently held the Boost Mental Health and Wellbeing event at the stunning North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre in Motherwell. The event brought together clients, partners, and Routes to Work facilitators with a shared interest in health and wellbeing. We couldn't be prouder of the active participation and enthusiasm shown by our clients throughout the event.

The Boost programme offered an enriching experience, covering essential topics such as self-confidence, anxiety control, the eight areas of wellness, goal setting, and motivation. The impact was truly transformative, as our clients emerged with newfound confidence, hope, and optimism for their future.

At Routes to Work, our mission is to ensure that individuals experiencing poor mental health receive the right support. Our goal is to reduce barriers and help them access the necessary training and employment opportunities. During the event, we witnessed inspiring success stories, including one client who excelled in a job interview by openly discussing their nerves. Another client found the motivation to make plans for entering college.

BOOST participants together after the session

Each participant left the Boost event with clear goals for their future and a renewed motivation to continue their personal development journey. The event provided a nurturing environment for growth and improvement.

The sessions were engaging and diverse. Allison, one of our skilled facilitators, delivered a session on boosting self-esteem. The group also enjoyed a mindfulness and wellbeing tour of the North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre, where they were introduced to the venue's history and art. A meditation session led by tour guide Hugh added a serene touch to the experience. The day continued with a session on self-confidence, emphasizing the development of a growth mindset. The Motherwell Health Improvement team provided valuable insights into local health and wellbeing services, underscoring the importance of self-care.

Eddie, RTW trainer, delivering a session

Life coach Caroline Brown conducted an anxiety workshop during the second session. Clients benefited from helpful coping tips and the opportunity to share personal experiences. The supportive environment fostered open discussions, and feedback from both clients and staff was overwhelmingly positive.

During the third session, clients explored the eight areas of wellness, with a specific focus on emotional wellbeing. They delved into topics such as thinking errors, higher and lower self-thinking, and effective strategies to combat overthinking. The session left them feeling motivated and hopeful about the future.

The final session provided a well-deserved opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. Clients enjoyed holistic therapies such as Indian head massage, hand massage, and Reiki. Some even joined in line dancing and Tai Chi activities, finding joy in movement and serenity. The session concluded with reflection and the setting of personal goals. Examples of these goals included working on relaxation and meditation techniques, personal development, finding employment, learning to drive, and cultivating loyal friendships. Several clients have already taken the initiative to enroll in training courses to further their personal growth.

BOOST event participants with their certificates of completion

The Boost event has been an incredible journey of personal development, resilience-building, and motivation. Our overarching aim was to provide clients with the skills and strategies necessary to become the best versions of themselves. We wholeheartedly wish our clients every success and assure them that we will continue to offer tailored training and development workshops to meet their evolving needs. Together, we will prepare them for their journey into the world of work, armed with confidence, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to their wellbeing.

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