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Working Better for North Lanarkshire

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The "Working Better for North Lanarkshire" series of events, organised by Routes To Work, is aimed to help people in our communities to get the advice and support they need to improve their lives, get the most out of the services offered in the area and begin a new transformative journey.

The first event happened in Bellshill on 30th June and was centered around the ERSA Employability Day. It was an incredible success, with over 15 partners attending to offer their unwavering support focused on employability, energy advice, health & wellbeing advice and their exceptional services to the residents of Bellshill. This gathering also provided an immense opportunity for local support service providers to collaborate, exchange their expertise, share invaluable experiences, and ultimately enhance the support system for individuals living in our community.

Even amidst the rainy weather, our remarkable Community Engagement Workers and Caseworkers remained undeterred, actively engaging with people on the streets and extending heartfelt invitations to the event. We are truly grateful to all our exceptional partners, including VANL, NHS, Job Centre Plus, North Lanarkshire Disability forum, The Health & Wellness Hub, Skills Development Scotland, Advice Direct Scotland, Citizens Advice Bureu, Social Security Scotland, Lanarkshire Community Food And Health Partnership and HomeStart GN&NL, who played a pivotal role in providing invaluable advice and support to the attendees. Their dedication and commitment made a tangible difference.

Next stop for our incredible event was Newmains, an area where we only recently began our work as part of our new Shared Prosperity Fund programme. We are very grateful to all the partners that continued their support for the event and offered their services to the people in this location: North Lanarkshire Council, VANL, NHS Health Improvement Team, The Health & Wellness Hub, Advice Direct Scotland, Citizens Advice Bureu, Social Security Scotland, Lanarkshire Community Food And Health Partnership and HomeStart GN&NL, Breakthrough. This time we also had a few local employers - Home Instead and Capabilities Scotland - offering their vacancies to all in search of new employment.

We are very grateful to have shared our support services with the Newmains residents this time and created an even stronger connection between ourselves and our partners in the area which will work for the residents and their positive transformations.

Together, we move forward with a shared goal of creating a brighter future for our community. The support and involvement of so many partners, including Routes To Work make all the difference. Using this experience of bringing together the different support services with the goal to help people, we hope we will continue to inspire, uplift, and empower one another, as we work towards a more prosperous tomorrow.

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