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Our LGBT Charter Journey

To celebrate and recognise the importance of International Transgender Day of Visibility, we are sharing our recent progress towards building a safe, inclusive space for our LGBT clients, staff and partners.

Over the course of the past 18 months, Routes to Work have embarked on their LGBT Charter journey. With the support of the LGBT Charter group and our clients and colleagues, we have achieved so much and would like to thank everyone for their continuous support and contributions.

In February 2022, we kicked things off by celebrating LGBT History Month. During this time, we held LGBT workshops in inclusion exploring the importance of pronouns and intersectionality. We also held an online event to mark Purple Friday where we heard from LGBT Youth Scotland and celebrated some of our LGBT clients’ achievements who shared with us their stories and journeys with Routes to Work.

Soon after History Month we delved into our LGBT Awareness Training, where we learned about the importance of supporting others coming out, tackling homo/bi/transphobia, and the correct use of terminology and language. In the summer, we took part in the Glasgow Pride March showing our support for the wider LGBT community sending a message of welcome and inclusion to our friends and partners.

In October, we joined in the conversation during Anti Bullying Week by delivering a campaign to raise awareness of bullying with a focus on encouraging others to ‘listen’ to those who may be experiencing bullying #ImListening22. To mark the end of the campaign week, we held an Odd Socks Day at work where staff showed their support by wearing odd socks to work, demonstrating that it is ok to be unique and different and something we should celebrate in ourselves.

In the background, our LGBT charter group have also been working hard to review policy to ensure inclusion and diversity is a golden thread that runs through everything we do. We have also been out in the community engaging with LGBT groups sharing with them information on the services we can provide them.

Most recently, we have been asking staff now that we are coming to the end of journey to share any key learning they have taken away from the charter. To hear their thoughts, watch the video below:

We hope to gain our LGBT Charter Mark in May 2023 and look forward to continued practice improvements and learning so that when LGBT clients come to us just like any client, they will always feel welcomed, safe, valued, and supported on their journey with us.

If you would like to find out more about the LGBT Charter, check out the following link:

If you would like a safe, inclusive space to help you progress into work, education or training, please contact us today.

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