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Ukrainian Resettlement Project

Since 2022, Routes To Work have been supporting the Ukrainian Resettlement Project across North Lanarkshire, offering guidance and support to individuals who have been affected by the war conflict in Ukraine. Our work within the project has involved attending welcome hubs to provide an overview of our services, including translation services for those who require them.

Once registered, each individual is allocated a case worker who guides them through their journey and offers necessary support. Our case workers and trainers attend weekly sessions covering health, wellbeing, employability skills, and vocational training for those who require it, helping our clients access exclusive vacancies through RTW and NL Working.

We also worked with the group to convert any acquired qualifications and experiences from Ukraine into equivalent credentials in Scotland to broaden their employment opportunities. Once clients have reached a positive destination, such as employment or education, we provide support for 6-12 months to ensure they sustain it.

Support provided includes access to funding for training, childcare, travel, subsistence, and condition management services. Nicola Barlow of the NL Resettlement Team has said:

We have successfully worked in partnership with colleagues at Routes to Work and we’re grateful that staff have provided local support to families on arrival. Routes to Work are a key partner for the team as we signpost all looking for employment to Routes to Work who not only provide employability support but also training opportunities and levelling of qualifications.

Our Community Engagement Team continues to offer support, engaging with individuals at the towers, where Ukrainians are now settled, each week to provide access to our services. We are pleased to share that one of our original clients, Mariia, has joined our team as a Digital Marketing Assistant after a successful recruitment campaign. Here’s what she has to say about her journey:


“I was in an insecure situation and was looking for a job to provide for myself and be able to learn and grow, personally and professionally, despite all the horrible things that’s been happening in my country.

I heard of Routes To Work from other Ukrainians I’ve met here and who were already clients. To be honest, I was a bit unsure if I’d be able to find a job in the industry I wanted to pursue, because I was lacking practical experience. But George, my case worker, assured me that I am more than qualified, helping me understand my worth and the value I can bring to any company. And because of that newfound confidence, I was able to secure a job in the field I am passionate about. I am really thankful to Routes To Work for all that they’d done for me, as the support hasn’t stopped even after I started work.

There are a lot of Ukrainians like me who has moved into work and are now in a much better place in their life thanks to Routes To Work’s dedication to helping people and to Scotland’s immense hospitality, all of which I couldn’t stop saying “thank you” for.”


If you find yourself in a similar, insecure situation, looking for work, skills, or need support with finding a positive destination in your life, don't hesitate to contact us - we will be more that happy to help you. Click the button below to learn more about what support we offer:

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