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Routes To Work Receives LGBT Charter Silver Status: A Journey of Inclusivity

At Routes To Work, we believe in creating an inclusive and safe space for all our clients, staff, and partners. Our commitment to fostering a supportive environment for the LGBTQ+ community led us on a transformative journey towards achieving the LGBT Charter Silver Status. This recognition not only validates our continuous efforts but also reinforces our dedication to providing a welcoming space for everyone.

Routes To Work staff presenting the recently acquired LGBT Charter Silver Status Award

Our Journey

Our pursuit of the LGBT Charter began in early 2022, with a dedicated charter team working tirelessly alongside the entire RTW community. To delve deeper into our journey, you can read the detailed account in our blog post Our LGBT Charter Journey.

As 2023 unfolded, our commitment to the charter strengthened. We actively participated in various events to celebrate and raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues. During LGBT History Month, we adorned our Colleague Briefing in purple, marking Purple Friday. In February, an online session featuring an LGBTQ+ Quiz helped educate and engage our staff.

Routes To Work staff wearing purple for Purple Friday

March saw us commemorating the International Transgender Day of Visibility. Our staff shared what their key learnings have been, emphasizing their journey towards LGBTQ+ inclusivity for our clients. May brought the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia, where we united to sign the LGBT and Trans flags, now proudly displayed in our Airdrie Office.

LGBT Flags signed by Routes To Work staff

June was a significant month as we proudly supported North Lanarkshire Pride, fostering inclusivity within the local community. We spent the day reminiscing on our journey and promoting inclusivity in North Lanarkshire where we had an absolutely amazing time and celebrated love, acceptance, and equality in full force!

In October, we celebrated National Coming Out Day, promoting awareness and challenging stereotypes surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. Most recently, during Anti-Bullying Week, we wore Odd Socks, taking a stand against bullying, especially towards the LGBTQ+ community.

LGBT Charter Silver

After a journey marked by dedication and milestones, Routes To Work is now the proud recipient of the LGBT Charter Silver Status. Reflecting on this achievement, Routes To Work Chief Executive Robin Turner said

“One of our core values at Routes To Work is being Welcoming To Everyone. Being part of the LGBT Scotland movement and the transformative journey this has taken us on, will ensure that we remain steadfast in our commitment to treating all clients, staff, and partners with the utmost respect, inclusivity, and acceptance."

Robin added, "We look forward to building on this foundation of inclusivity as we continue our journey and further develop our knowledge & understanding of the issues faced by the LGBT community; aiming to create a workplace and service offer where everyone feels valued and celebrated.”

Last month, Provost Kenneth Duffy acknowledged our tremendous accomplishment, visiting one of our offices to meet our dedicated LGBT Charter team and discuss our future steps toward a more inclusive North Lanarkshire. He said,  

"Routes To Work's achievement of LGBT Charter Silver Status is a testament to their commitment to inclusivity and acceptance. It's heartening to see organisations actively working towards creating a safe and welcoming space for everyone. This accomplishment is very well deserved and congratulations to everyone at Routes To Work on this remarkable journey!"

Routes To Work LGBT Charter team visited by Provost Kenneth Duffy

Routes To Work is honored to be part of this transformative journey, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to treating all clients, staff, and partners with the utmost respect and acceptance. As we continue to develop, we look forward to building on this foundation of inclusivity, creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and celebrated.

If you would like to find out more about the LGBT Charter, check out The LGBT Charter For Organisations.

If you would like a safe, inclusive space to help you progress into work, education or training, please contact us today.

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